SOLD OUT in U.S. : still available in Canada.   Fall Sale: One breeding dose $125. One dose is 5 straws equalling 1 billion progressively motile spermm .Proven conception rate: Historically 85% of mares conceive on one dose of Amorex’s frozen semen. Approved Swedish warmblood stallion Amorex; his gelding son Ari has been in lessons with Leslie Reid. 
Amorex’s son Altair was the BC Champion sport horse for several years, and won the Governor’s trophy. Gelding son Ari was #1 SWB at GP in the US.

Thank you for coming to visit my site about Amorex.
I truly believe he is one of the best sires in North America.

If you are thinking of breeding, or looking for a horse with excellent temperament and good gaits for dressage or jumping, then an Amorex foal or grown-up baby may be just the ticket. Amorex offspring owners rave about the wonderful temperament in their horse!

 Amorex always improves the topline and loin. Bred to good mares, he gets excellent foals; and bred to the very best mares, the foals typically are even better than sire and dam. He is an improvement sire, with outstanding scores on foals from a variety of mares. 80% of Amorex foals are rated first class at their Swedish inspections, and Amorex has produced many Diploma and double Diploma horses. Click on thumbnails to see Calico and her full brother Amiero. Amiero was 10 Type, Double Diploma at his Swedish Warmblood Inspection. Bred by Mary Baechler :)


Here is the youtube video- my original Amorex video from Magpie Farm

 Spermologywhy his frozen semen works so well

My goal is to help you have a wonderful foal, and for Amorex to have an amazing foal crop as his legacy.

Best wishes,

Mary Baechler
509-961-2792 (Washington State)


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